Yung Gravy Drops New Album "Gasanova" Ft. Ski Mask The Slump God, Young Dolph, Chief Keef, & More

Yung Gravy is one of the funniest artists in rap, not taking himself seriously at all, yet actually delivering some very listenable music. His use of classic disco and soul samples is refreshing, placing him in a sound that's rarely frequented, which is partly why his fans love him so much. The rapper has been releasing some hilarious singles as of late, including "Gas Money" and "yup!". Today, he releases his brand new album Gasanova with fourteen all-new songs.

From the title, to the cover artwork, to the lyrical content being presented on each record, we're reminded of what makes Yung Gravy so special. The 24-year-old goes off on songs like "Bags of Chips", going for a goofier approach on "Martha Stewart". The album features guest verses from the likes of Ski Mask the Slump God, Young Dolph, Chief Keef, bbno$, and more. Listen to the new album below and have some fun! Tracklist: 1. Always Saucy (with Ski Mask the Slump God & TrippythaKid) 2. Martha Stewart 3. Bags of Chips (with BobbyRaps) 4. Steve Austin (with Young Dolph) 5. oops! 6. yup! 7. Whole Foods (with bbno$) 8. Gas Money 9. Party At My Mama's House 10. Drip On My Dresser (with Chief Keef) 11. Miami Ice 12. Swimming Lessons 13. jack money bean (with bbno$) 14. Tampa Bay Bustdown (with Chief Keef & Y2K)

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