The History of Gangster Rap: From Schooly D to Kendrick

Just picked up this new book, The History of Gangster Rap: From Schooly D to Kendrick, which prominently features the stories behind mostly West Coast gangster rappers. Admittedly, this is not my favorite subgenre of hip hop music, but god damn as a kid I loved this shit (as most young, white, suburban males did in the 80s/90s, and still today). In later years, I’ve found the subgenre interesting in its manufacture, sale, and exploitation of violence and misogyny, but am looking forward to learning more about the making of a lot of this music. We tend to get the Dr. Dre/Ice Cube narrative pretty heavy, but NEED to hear from the other people. Here is a great interview with the author, and a way to cop it.


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