Lil Wayne Surprises Fans With New "NFL" Song Featuring Gudda Gudda & Hoodybaby

Lil Wayne debuts his new "NFL" record with Gudda Gudda and Hoodybaby.

Lil Wayne is a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers, rooting for his team to win it all every time a new season of the NFL gets started. This season is unlike any other. While some teams are packing small numbers of fans into the arenas, the majority are playing solely for the crowd at home, which is definitely weird for the players who, at this point in their lives, are used to playing in front of an audience.

Still, the season is underway and already, there's been plenty of drama on the sidelines. Making the soundtrack for this week in football, the legendary Lil Wayne has just come through with his latest song "NFL", which features two of his closest boys.

The track features Gudda Gudda and Hoodybaby from Young Money, performing verses before and after Lil Wayne.

If you've been needing some new music from Weezy prior to his Dedication 7 release, which is currently slated for 2021, check this one out and add it to the rotation.

Quotable Lyrics:

Tattoo tears, few shed

Had closed ears for the who said

Extra, extra, read all about it

Her legs spread, then the news spread

Got some goons up in Shrewsbury

Turn a grape head to a prune head

A snake head to a wound head

Some snake heads be two-headed

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