Duece Uno is a thriving new artist with a signature flow, energy and appeal. He rose to prominence in 2018 with his debut album, Hungry. Now, with his new album Era of Duece populating, he is ready to take his place as Flordia's next big thing. Today, we sit down with the rising star for a quick conversation about his rise, becoming a mainstay and what's next.

Learn everything about Duece Uno below.

Where are you from? What was it like growing up there?

I’m from Broward County, Florida, born and raised. Growing up in Broward a nigga really had it rough jumping from place to place it was hard to call anywhere home cause we was always on the move.

How has your hometown influenced your music?

Seeing the struggle every day seeing n****s my age I went to school with homeless play a major part in my music cuz it motivate me to go harder and remind me soon as I slip up soon as I stop grindin it’s a possibility I can end up in that same situation.

What was the first record you ever released? Was it hard?

Man hard as a bitch. The first record I ever did was called “Here We Come” featuring my sister, Tippie La’Dawn, shouts out to her. She would not let me leave the studio till I perfected that track [Laughs].

What is your favorite record off of "Era Of Duece"?

My favorite record gotta be the intro (Bentley Dreams). It’s my motivation song, we really came from nothing, now we tryna cop Bentleys and mansions. It’s gone happen, just a matter of time.

What has been your favorite release as an artist to date?

Hands down, "Lost Love." But don’t get it twisted I got some other bangers now.

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