D Smoke After Rhythm + Flow: A Conversation On Gang Culture, Black Habits, Rapping Techniques & More

D Smoke opens up about "Black Habits," his victory on Netflix's "Rhythm + Flow," and the importance of creative songwriting in the season premiere of "On The Come Up." The new season of On The Come Up has arrived, and setting things off is an extensive conversation with Inglewood rapper, writer, and overall student of the game D Smoke. Having gained instant attention for his captivating victory on Netflix's Rhythm + Flow, D Smoke quickly solidified his presence with the release of his debut album Black Habits. From there, it became clear his songwriting and creativity were operating at an elite level. But that's not to suggest D Smoke was an overnight success -- in reality, he's been living and breathing music since childhood.

Despite being a newcomer to the game, D Smoke's come-up feels different than many of his peers. At thirty-four, already boasting an impressive resume working behind-the-scenes as a producer, D Smoke's experience in the music industry has helped him strengthen the focus of his own vision. When he was first approached by Netflix to participate in Rhythm + Flow, he confirms that Black Habits was already seventy-five percent done. The talent was always there -- he simply understood the importance of wisely charting his path.  Be sure to check out the first episode of On The Come Up featuring D Smoke, as well as a complete transcription of the full interview below. 

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